increasing points collection + I won Gold Foil Legendary Cards(engravepost)

Recently changes were announced for the near future of the game.

with that came my doubt, what total points in my collection?

the easiest way for me to find out if I remove the delegation from all my letters.
between them:
summoners others
legendary summoners
gold cards
I started with 374,320 first removed all summoners including legendary and gold and I stayed with 399,660

next step was to remove the delegation from all legendary cards with that 399,660 points went to 407,160

following it was time to remove all epic cards and with that 407,160 I went to 463,960

Now it's time to remove all rare cards and with that I went from 463,960 to 541,320 points

with that I am already able to remain in the champion rank in the future update that will happen in the game.

but I decided to continue to remove the delegation as the common cards are most I had to divide it has two parts due to the peakmonsters limit.

So I started with neutral golds and went from 541,320 points to 588,570 points

next step was to remove the delegation from all common letters

done all delegated letters was returned to main account

after removing all common cards the account went from 588,570 to 598,525

Or even after removing all cards including summoners (legendary and golds) epic cards, legendary cards etc ... the account went from 374,320 points to 598,525.

now that all cards are in the main account I will wait for the next game update to see which is the best for them to re-delegate selling or using etc ...

I recently won my first legendary gold card, which will help me stay in the champion rank.

I won it after buying only 1 azmaré dice pack the newest pack of cards in the game

it was very lucky she was estimated at $ 85.00 now this $ 65.00.

(I already had another GFL but it was won by another player in a contest)

so that's all i have to do is wait for the future game update
see you next time
and good luck

#hive #splinterlands