Splinterlands End of season rewards #18 15/02/2020

Splinterlands End of season rewards #18 15/02/2020

Hoje é dia do post quinzenal sobre as recompensas final da temporada. de @steemmonsters
Dessa vez cheguei em....... não faço a minimia ideia hahahahahhaha mas sei que terminei em diamante novamente :)


Os destaque vai para os novos baus sabe que gostei deles ja ganhei varias orbs e tals :)
e tambem 2 gold Undead Rexx

Every once in an unholy while, a brave Dark Eternal missionary is able to raise a fallen Rexxie from the dead and escape the Grasslands without being killed by Minotaurs. In Mortis, the Undead Rexxies are put to use, pulling wagons that carry loads of Dark Matter up and down the Eternal Highway. In battle, the Dark Eternals use them mainly for fear. And crushing.
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Splinterlands End of season rewards
Splinterlands final de temporada e recompensas

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